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Spreading light

To this new saved born again christian. What a joke you are. First people have homes cars and hotels to have sex in so I guess we need to boycott or talk about them as being devilish places as well. Second my daughter goes to this place when she comes home to visits and says she has never felt more safe being in a bar than at World Wide. She said from time she arrived there was an officer there and when the night was over there was about three and people was telling them it was nice to see them there. Third why are you trying to down grade a new business that brings jobs to as you say the African American people which I don't think they would have a problem giving anyone a job being that I attended an event there and there was all races there so let the race thing go. Fourth as someone previously replied I am also an older member there and I have visited the place doing all types of events and never seen any of the activities you seem to swear on happen. Lets support on another and stop trying to tear one down. I'm willing to make myself known if you are willing to, sometimes admitting you are wrong is better then letting it catch you and make you look bad in life. Just a thought for you to think about and yes we know who you are. Giving you a chance before everyone knows.


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