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Hide in the shadows long enough and the light will shine!!!!!!!!

Yea, of course, if a organization that had illegal activites going on and someone decided to let the dirty laundry air out ,Members of the club, would declare outright lies against the person who sheds the illegal activities to the general public. What does the club actually do for the community? Sells alcohol and allows drug use on the premises!!!!! Why have I seen multiple fights break out and the threat of a gun was used or someone actually pulled a gun out. Some have been shot or stabbed with a knife and put in the back of cars and droven to hospitals outside of Bladen County so the club wouldn't get a bad rap. Well finally the manager wasn't able to cover this one up!!!Hince "Hide in the shadows long enough and the light will shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Why is the prescence of law enforcement needed? Is it that bad of a place? Why is its main hours of opeartions from 9:00 pm till 2:00a.m? Why do people that have been convicted of harsh felonies basically live at the place? why does it take all cops in the county to respond to the club when things get out of hand? why does the club allow people to drive away drunk or high? So yall are older memmbers! then surely at some point in time youve had your chance to ask the same qustion and fix the problems!!!!!!!!!!! cars and houses are only material things so why be jealous!!! actually sad of how those things were paid for through illegal and immoral profits!!! Like I said before throw a feed the homeless day in and the club is a saint!!! haha lol what a joke!!! O yea why are the two active members threating to supposedly expose me like that would devistate me. I CONSIDER THAT THREATING AND WHY WOULD A COMPLETELY INNOCENT CLUB HAVE TO THREATEN PEOPLE. WIll not be long before the club members sit before 12. !!!!!RICO ACT!!!!!!!!!!!


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