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Joe, I have been reading and

Joe, I have been reading and following your posts. I am not going to call you names nor am I going to tell you that your opinion is wrong, however, I would like to pose a question. Did you stop to think that just because you think Officer Viper is "just a dog", he wasn't so much more to so many more? Why must you get on here and post such hateful things. I'm sure everyone has an opinion and I have read several on here, however, I do believe opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one and they usually stink! You said in this comment that we value animal life over human life, did it occur to you that maybe it's because of the insensitive, disrespectful nature in which we as humans treat one another? Deputy Zeller and his family, as well as the BCSO are in mourning right now for the loss of one of their own. It is not my place nor is it your place to pass judgement or try to scrutinize how they handle the grieving process. Why must you try to demean them by posting such hateful things? Just saying.....


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