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Wow......I'm rather

Wow......I'm rather astonished by your complete lack of compassion and understanding. When has a cop ever been able to tell that a crime was going to happen prior to it taking place? Are you trying to say that cops are unworthy of respect just because they aren't clarvoyant? Wow......again still astonished by the fact that you seem so willing to belittle those that grieve for this fine Officer, and yes I did say OFFICER, because contrary to your belief, Viper was an officer of the law. Did you ever stop to think that maybe your hateful, hurtful words spoken from you misguided sense of righteousness are precisely why this world need police officers? Since we as humans seem to forget what compassion and empathy mean, crime rate soars. Where is your sense of humanity? Why must you come on this media forum and spout your negativity and disrespect those that are mourning? BTW, no I can't afford to be in the Keys right now, I am a public servant in a thankless, underpaid job. And yes, I chose this profession because I have a sense of humanity. I chose to try and help others knowing that I would never be rich in doing so. I urge you to take a step back and try to walk a mile in anothers shoes before you start spouting your trash.


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