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The term "Alternative School"... nothing more than a PC way of saying, "A last chance school before the criminal kids get to go to jail." This school is a last ditch effort for kids involved in crime, gangs and drugs that just don't give a damn. As far as I'm concerned, full body cavity searches are appropriate when the evidence exists.

I once had an evil stepson, hell-bent on being a lifetime criminal at the ripe age of 14. The judges kept giving him "opportunites" through programs such as these and even better ones that cost his mom $27,000 per year. So, guess what? He is currently a two-time, convicted violent felon with 18 additional misdemeanors, still walking among us and willing to do any crime it takes to fulfill his drug habit.

I get sick and tired of these mamby-pamby, whiney-butt parents talking about their criminal offspring having "rights" when they are on the very brink of prison because they happen to think the rules suck. It's only due time before these young thugs get a real taste of prison where the words "privacy" and "rights" no longer apply to them.

You can teach them now, or you can teach them later. The majority of these wayward kids will never get taught at all. The real sad fact is, they didn't get taught when they were babies by their parents.


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