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No I do not think it is unconstitutional with a BUT! When and if this happens, there should be a female present (teacher, administrator, etc) at each search. I will go as far to say there should be at least 2 people present so that accusations can't be made of fondling, etc. The old joke is, "how can you tell a teenager is lying? Their lips are moving" fits here. Yes I know there are many teenagers out there are are straight and don't lie, steal, cheat, etc. but unfortunately there are alot that do. Hate to tell you people, but when those kids pass through the doors of the school (which is not a social club, but a place they will hopefully get some decent education in) they give up their rights so to speak. The rights of the many outweigh the rights of a few. If this is what it takes to get these drugs off the campuses, so be it. The kids know they shouldn't have them so they need to stop whining when they get caught. And for you whining parents that are griping about it, how much would you whine if one of these kids had a gun hidden in their bra and used it on your loved one? You would be raising hell about it.


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