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It's great to hold our

It's great to hold our leaders accountable. I commend you on that.
BUT,the bottom line is...No one can predict the future. It's not uncommon for a politician to tout the "highest" number, or higher end of the spectrum in reference to jobs...what's possible if all the stars align.

Who knows how many actual employees built the center...when you add in the different contractors for this, different contractors for that. (Elect, plumbing, masonry, concrete, etc)

Maintenance workers, security, etc.

A hotel of the size they wanted would probably employ say...The optimum number of employees for a 3-star hotel would be 8 per 10 rooms...200 rooms...would equal say...160 employees. Add in the 40 or so at the convention center...which could fluctate/increase depending on the amount of the building's use (200+)

Add in the restaurant they want inside of the hotel, etc.

Then you could factor in the equation often used (how many jobs created per dollar spent).

Regardless of an actual number...any amount of jobs would be a benefit. Even at a lowest end...200-300 jobs more in the area is a benefit.

Summary: I believe in the purpose of the convention center project. I realize that it in itself is not a money-maker. None of them are. But if it brings in people and their millions of dollars annually from other areas who'd normally go to Myrtle Beach, Raleigh, etc. then I'm for it. In time we all will see it's impact. That entire area on the north end will begin to come more alive because of it. You set up a traffic flow of hundreds or possibly thousands of people and you eventually need other business around to support it (restaurants, hotels, recreation, etc.) Before the economic downturn...the convention center was announced and almost immediately hoteliers announced plans to build (they no doubt employ as well don't they).


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