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WWAY Kangaroo Court for Ratings?

WWAY does a good job here. Politicians should be held accountable for their words, broken promises, mistakes,backroom deals,self-dealing, like who profited from the convention center and who pushed it (Saffo, Broadhurts-left town, and our own Susan Hamilton, Rick Catlin made money on it, while danny mccomas and thomas "inmate number 19475" wright).

Exposing their words and comparing them to the facts is what we need more of, not WECT's fluff or this station's hateful tabloid nonsense...

"Breaking News: Tree Falls in Ogden"
"Breaking News: Brian Berger Didn't Floss Last Night"
"Breaking News: Barfield Has Crease in Shirt"
"Ogden Tree Had Problems, CFPUA Ignored Warning on Leaves Count"

These typical stories are so irrelevant to me, my family, my friends' families, they might appeal to the low-brow gossips who read the national enquirer but its not real news, news that matters, and we usually find out eventually that these stories aren't even true. they are stories just like "Where the Wild Things Are" and you've lowered the bar to the point where if you get 1 out 10 right, people pat wway on the back. WWAY's personal soap opera stories and vendettas in the newsroom or with mr. combs are creating a one station town and its WECT. Please do better. And Grow up. Why Not Start now?


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