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don't need help to run themselves through the mud, they are good at it.

What makes a Bad Cop? Two things leap right out front in the personality profile of a Bad Cop: Arrogance and Authoritarianism. (See the absolutely classic JPFO essay by Gus Cotey)

A bad cop relishes the slap of the pistol against his or her leg (fair enough). However, at the same time, the Bad Cop feeds his or her ego upon the glances of fear, or the glances of respect, from an unarmed citizenry.

These Bad Cops secretly lust to openly lord over the rest of us. They are Storm Troopers in waiting. Bottom line: They want all the rest of us disarmed.

You can tell a Bad Cop by asking them one simple question: “Are you for ‘gun control’?” Listen to their answer carefully. Be very aware of the words “reasonable” or “sensible” in reference to citizen disarmament. Back in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, these were the types who took quite well to the trench coats, pompous caps, and knee high jack boots … and ended up “just following orders”.

Some of the Bad Cops, especially if they are in the law enforcement command hierarchy, have always been arrogant elitists. These power addicts are often the “top cops” that you find parading up on the stage to call for more “gun control” whenever there is a high profile shooting.

I’m not going to mince words: These men and women are dangerous, treasonous vermin. They took an oath to defend the Constitution, and they now desecrate that oath with every breath they take. Sheriff Dupnik of Arizona is a blatant, slithering example. Take a look at his comment in a recent interview.

Be aware of the police around you. If you have a cop living on your street, you must know upon which side of the fence he or she sits. It’s time to point blank (can I say that, Sheriff Dupnik?) ask him or her what his or her views on “gun control” actually are.

If a retired cop lives on your street? Find out the same thing. A very small percentage of retired cops harbor a deep anger, a passive aggressive, manipulative side. They are now disarmed. They are now just like the rest of us. This truly irks the authoritarian passive aggressive mentality.

Litmus test for retired cops: The closet authoritarian type will also mention “reasonable gun control” and “sensible gun control”. They will never acknowledge “shall not be infringed” (which was a key part of their oath). They’ll always have a “yes… but” right at hand.

Beware of this kind. At their core they are smiling back stabbers. They’ll say “times have changed” or “it’s a new world” or they’ll preface things with “realistically speaking”.

Neighborhood snitches and “knock on the door in the middle of the night” goon squads are often recruited from this disenchanted population pool.


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