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If you've

never carried a weapon and stood a post; if you have never carried a weapon on patrol; if you've never been in a firefight and accountable for the well being and survival of troops entrusted to you, YOU have no right to disparage Mr. Pantano over his military service. When will mealey mouth liberals get it through your heads that his actions were reviewed and he was found not to even merit charges and a court martial. Lt Calley he was not.

Cause him to articulate his position on topics that affect the citizens of the district. Cuase him to lay out a plan for action if he is elected, I'm all for that.

But if sporting a tattoo affects one's ability to serve in Congress or the Senate, than perhaps all candidates should campaign in the nude; and seeing some of them that is a nasty thought.

Adopting dogs? What does that have to do with his abiltiy to serve in Congress?


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