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It's just pot hippie?

You are right there Jerry Garcia it is "just pot" and there are a lot worse things someone could be doing, but regardless of what you say smoking weed and drinking can cause the same effect on driving. The issue here is not that she smoked pot anyway. The fact of the matter is why is our nation, our culture, and our people so infatuated with people like this immature brat and shows that glorify her actions? Our country has been being raped from the inside out for the last 50 years by false profit politicians. This girl can't even be responsible and take care of here child. She should be sterilized so that she cannot continue to make unwanted children and then mooch off of the tax payers money. Things are bad in this country and getting worse by the hour. The Resistance has begun. Which side of history do you want to be on?

911 Truth Now

-The Affiliation


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