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Let's see

Let's see - an underage teen gets pregnant, she is given a reality show and gets paid to show off her stupidity. She is a victim of circumstances and can't help it. She gets caught at the beach drinking - underage again and is stupid enough to let someone film her. She gets involved in a fight with someone else and again lets someone film her. Poor thing - we shouldn't do anything with her because she has too many around her making bad choices for her. Too many making excuses for her. She needs to pull up her big girl panties and get real! For those who produce the show she is on - what morons. For those of you who watch it, you might want to flip the channel. Why give credence to such nonsense!

Let me cry a little - boohoo! Okay I am done now. Put her where she needs to be and get her some help. I bet if you asked her she probably loves to watch Lindsay Lohan. Maybe that is whom she is trying to emulate. The girl needs some help and needs it fast. I feel sorry for her child. What a mother!!!

Oh, while I am at it, her lawyer didn't come across to well either. Doesn't sound like the brightest attorney I have seen


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