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Legal Issues...

I am shocked by the Brunswick County court system and their reaction (or lack there of) to all of Jenelle's illegal activity! The proof is all there yet, nothing happens. Jenelle consistently gets away with crime after crime because the Brunswick County is afraid of the negative publicity they may receive for acting! She is making fools of them all.

Here's a allowing all this illegal activity you are condoning that very activity. The law officials in Brunswick County are basically saying, "If you want to smoke pot, break and enter, have fist fights and not care about your baby...then move here!"

Perhaps the lawmakers in Brunswick County need to check in to the "Son of Sam" law which states that it is AGAINST THE LAW to profit from a crime! That's right, if Jenelle is engaged in illegal activity, is caught and makes even MORE money by selling her story to MTV she has broken the law. How long will she be allowed to profit from her crimes???

If anything, the judge should have forced her to set up a trust for her baby so that she can't squander all of her money away before he is of age. What will he have in the end? What will be left for him other than ridicule when his friends find out his mom was Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom!

Something to think about for sure.



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