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grow up leave her alone

people need to quit bein so obsessed w this poor girl......she has her own life and dealing w her issues and yet she is putting up w people in town and wilmington talking badly abt what?? just because shes famous....who cares? she is just like one of us....shes allowed to make mistakes but she doesnt need people startin crap on her and doesnt need all that attention she is trying to move on with her life and deal w her issues.....keep ur head up jenelle!!!! this too shall people...please leave her alone and back off!! quit chasing her all the time tryin to take pics of her just cuz she on tv and shes from our town our state....who cares???? I SMOKE too SO?!?!?!?!? it shud be legal! its better than drinking alochol cuz alochol affects ur thinking and ur sight too and affects ur driving ur walking and ur talking....smoking doesnt!!


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