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It makes you wonder what this kid was trying to pull? Was it he or his parents who thought lets go after the school system so they will write a BIG CHECK to us. Two law enforcement organizations investigated and found not one shread of proof that any crime was commited. I really hope this Principal and the school system sue this kid and his parents for the trouble they both caused. Maybe if school systems pushed back then these false charges that are filed against them and their staff would just go away. No wonder kids can not learn anything today, teachers and principals can not say anything without being sued for the most stupid crap. It is time to stop fostering this way of thinking that everybody wins and no one gets their feelings hurt because they loose. It teaches our children nothing, except that you get rewarded for failure. Everyone does not get a prize in the real world, and the sooner these kids learn that the better off they will be. That is the way it was when I was in school, and I turned out just fine.


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