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Sadly, it is way to easy to find an non-patriot.

You, whom I have no doubt have ever lifted a finger or put yourself in jeopardy for the nation you live in are such an easy mark to see.
The USA that was founded and won with the blood of patriots and then gave up the blood of sons and daughters in numerous wars including two "World Wars" to save others from tyrants has been a beacon of light for desperate and dark hours all over the world. While you sit back and enjoy your first amendment rights, also won with blood to call patriots murderers, our sons and daughters, as Pantano did, continue to sacrifice and bury our dead. How dare you compare a war veteran to a murderer! But wait, I may be wrong in thinking you are too ignorant to use history and present to find what this country is all about, honestly. You, most likely know exactly what you are doing and saying. Just like some other very intelligent men in our past. Dangerous yes but also intelligent. Men like Carl Marx and a line of reds too deep to name them all. You that would sully the name of a patriot and vet, are the lowest of the low.


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