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mr pantsonfire

I remember one of my uncles, one of 7 who served during WW2, commenting that Republicans never vote raises nor benefits to service men and women. I never forgot that. There is no honor or compensation to measure their service. As a nurse I was assigned to a Paraplegic/Quadraplegic ward in a VA hospital. I felt it a privilege to be there.

So many congressional members are also members of the 3% wealthiest in the US.. They continually reward themselves, their friends and their campaign donors rather than serve their constituents who voted. At the least, his is a conflict of interest; voters need to wake up. They are hurting those with the least power in Congress. China and India are raising the educational and wage standards of all their citizens. We are lowering ours.

The oil companies aren't hiring. Walmart hires only those who accept the least amount of wages or benefits. This is not putting the country back on it's feet. Our infrastructure is suffering and requires educated workers and engineers to make proper repairs.


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