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That is Democratic Liberal

That is Democratic Liberal propaganda! He shot them when they where coming toward him and they did not stop after he yelled stop in Arabic and English. Why risk his American troops lifes for these guys in a war zone that did not do what he asked? I imagine your on edge in combat, and you don't know what a possible suicidal guy might have planed or strapped to him. Weapons where found in the city! So you know they where on edge. The guy that complained on him was someone who was written up by Patano in the past. They did not find him creditable. When the bodies where dug up, they found that the men where advancing when they where shot, just as Patano said.

As far as the sign, that's a common Marine saying. Heck George Patton said worse things, but back then people weren't so wimpy and whinny. They used to paint that sort of stuff on the tanks! Sure did keep our moral up, and put fear in the enemy. That's what we are missing now, the enemy needs to fear us! The Germans feared Patton! I'm glad we have fighters fighting for us. They are trained to kill. That is their job. I would rather them be safe over there, as he was, than to be unsure and have our own boys come home dead. God Bless Our Troop Who Our Protecting Us Tonight!


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