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And why are the oil companies not hiring

Its because that idiot from Chicago that everybody thought was going to make things better DIDNT.. Oh we got change alright. Gas is up well over 100% of what it was when he took office. Unemployment continues to get worse (as the Labor Dept outright falsifies the facts and plays games not counting those who have exhausted their Unemployment benefits with real unemployment and underemployment at least 20% in this country). While Obama and the left wingers in Congress kiss the arse of the tree hugger extremists. Cuba is drilling for oil literally in areas which by law would be within the pervue of the US oil comapnies to drill. Contrary to that idiot in the White House we have in fact likely the largest Oil Reserves in the world when one includes the Bakken Oil Shale in the North Central US and our own oil sands out in the west which connect up with the fields in Canada. Hell the idiots even cut off a pipeline construction agreement for a pipeline from Canada into the US to allow us to buy from Canada instead of the nutjobs in the Middle East who have one hand in our pockets and the other in some cases very soon a nuclear bomb. Obama can cowtow all he wants to the tree huggers but meanwhile his policies are destroying this country. Bring up all you want about the "massive profits" oil companies are making Barry no problem just one correction how about the Billions more then the oil companies pay in taxes first on the oil production and sales and then get taxed again on their small pct of profits they make compared to the US and State Govts (Avg profit for the oil companies is 5-6cents per gallon compared to the 18.5cts the Feds get and not counting the even larger amounts states get). Oh and BTW President Obama while your at it your energy policies are driving up prices for the average citizen for food and other basic needs because guess what higher transportation costs get passed on to the consumer when it costs more to get the products to market you simpleton. I swear for somebody with a college education the President has little common sense abotu economics 101 and the worse part is hes hurting the very people he claims to be tryign to help. Lower and middle class people can least afford the increasing costs of food and other basic staples of life and due to other budget issues even gthose on TANF and other assistance programs (of which I think there is a huge amount of fraud its called TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE to needy families yet people end up on it for year after year.) are havign a harder time because their food stamps and WIC EBT doesnt go as far.

Reality we have plenty of safe abundent energy sources in this country even Natural Gas which burns clean compared to Liquid Hydocarbons is being attacked needlessly. Im not against progress and what not but the fact is until we have the alternative fuel options such as fuel cells and the like we still have to survive with what we have now and failing to take advantage of our huge natural resources we do have because somebody seems to think being at the mercy of the oil sheiks is a good idea is just insane. You have to believe the Russians are laughing their rearends off at our stupidity they have plenty of oil and they are exporting it. Guess what if we started accessing our MASSIVE reserves (which are estimated to top the Middle East at over 200Billion now) we could be exporting as well and as a producer that would indeed cause a positive flow in our trade balance. China is a huge consumer of oil now and wouldnt it be nice to have a positive cash flow maybe we wouldnt have to keep borrowing all this money. The fact is the oil industry has been crippled thanks to this administrations energy policy there is no doubt that when you force dependancy on foreign sources of energy, overspend to the tune of 5 TRILLION dollars (Im sorry but this is no longer on Bush he may have been the intial person who bailed out Wall Street but he left office long ago and the huge debt issue is now on Obama and the Democrats. The Dems had control of the purse strings for 4 yrs (2006-2010) and Obama was in power from Jan 2009 on so for 2 yrs they Dems had total control of the Economy to fix adn do as they wished Tell me folks are we better off then we were 2 yrs ago?? how bout 4 yrs ago?? The worst part is while everybody claims and swears the Wall Street Fat Cats were in bed with the GOP, go abck and look at who was in charge when the regs and laws were passed regarding these mortgage issues and Fannie and Freddie.. It wasnt who ya think.. It was Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and some others (all Left wing Dems fromt he NE) who were on gthe take by these Wall Street fat cats and when actually the GOP tried to say hey wait we need to fix this they were stonewalled over and over again.. Ok Im off my soapbox but Id also like to say something tot he Republicans who are probably all cheering me right now. Dear Conservative/Republicans. Do me a favor if your so in favor of smaller government do me a favor QUIT trying to tell me how to live my life and what the heck I can do in my own home. Your all for individual rights and small government but yet you snuck through the UIGEA in the middle of the night trying to legislate MORALITY again your middle of the night antics are no better then the Republicans and let me warn you now, Due to the DOJ actions in April you have awoken a sleeping giant in those of us who liek to play a little poker socially and what not and we are not small and we are very vocal now. I advise you to take a clue from your fellow member from Texas and make this right because if you dont the Republicans may see a backlash at the polls in 2012 in which many players may push the level for Democrats simply because they stupidly feel the Dems (good old Barney Frank was out there campaigning for a bill last year) will make things right and we all know they just see it as a tax revenue option for the govt nothing more. Please do the right thing and pass the Barton Bill this year because you dotn want this mudding the waters in 2012 we cant afford andother 4 yrs of Obama or the Dems getting back control again otherwise we risk quickly becoming Greece, Ireland and the like with Debt outpacing GDP and causing hyper inflation due to devaluation of the currency along with higher interest rates that could rivel the 1970s


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