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Why? Here is why....

There are a lot of Pantano haters out there. That's ok and that's your right, but NOBODY has the right to accuse Pantano of being guilty of a double homicide. Especially when the majority of you have never even been in the military much less seen active duty, being shot at by cowardly men that don't sport a uniform and love to strap explosives under their dresses. You remember these men, they killed over 3000 innocent US citizens on 911, they bushwhacked, murdered and burned our soldiers, hung them on a bridge and drug their bodies through the streets while taking photos to send to us. THOSE are the guys our soldiers die fighting every day, to protect the very freedoms we get to enjoy.

For those that are so critical of Pantanos past and want to accuse him of murder, DO IT TO HIS FACE with honor instead of cowardly posts. Do it like a man or phase back into your easy chair and dream silently of just how much of a legend you are in your own mind. There isn't a soldier I know that would beat another soldier down for shooting any of those crooked, lying Bas*ards when they don't do what you tell them. I would sure like to outfit some of you with an M-16 a few clips, a few grenades and set YOU free out there with them. You'd piss your boots, shake uncontrollably in total fear and scream "mammmmma!!!!" in less than 3 minutes...then you would be dead!

Whatever the heck your reason was for bringing Timothy McVeigh into this picture is, I'll never know. You're comparing apples to heroin with that one! If you're going to grasp at straws, go for the ones within a reasonable reach. Geeez!

No, Pantano won't get my vote, but that isn't the point. I'm not going to sit here and cowardly bash a multiple tour combat veteran that has held the security and freedom of this country close to his heart. But like I said, if you brave cowboys or cowgirls out there feel jiggy, ACCUSE HIM TO HIS FACE!

Now...won't that make you feel tall and proud?


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