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cfpua turned off the mans water

HUMANITY. Thats the word for those at cfpua. I didn't capitalize because those stingy idiots over at the water company don't deserve the respect of capitalization. How greedy they are by not providing another Human Being water. There is a special place in HELL for them. Would they deny a thirsty animal water? I'm guessing they would and would probably give a swift kick also. Well cfpua I'm telling you this, Karma is no joke, and you will eventually pay for your stingy misdeeds.
I had the forethought to put in a well, so you won't be killing me. As long as I can afford electricity I will have water. I am looking into suing you for having your meter on my property. You don't pay me a base rate to use my land, however if I discontinue service with you ,I have to pay your base rate. This is not right you are robbing me and everyone else.


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