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Glad to hear

I'm glad to hear you were pro-active in pawning your personal items and seeking assistance from multiple organizations. I give you credit for putting yourself out there and trying.

If you are a full time, on-line student, you're racking up high bills and/or student loans. I did that myself until recently. Being a full time student is a great deterrent to getting a full time job. You might want to consider postponing school until you can get yourself out of this financial situtation, find a job (full or 2 part time), pay off your bills, and then go back to school when finances are better. You may also want to consider consolidating any credit cards you have. I have a friend who recently did that, and she cut $200 per month off of her monthly expenses. That would go a long way toward your water bill (two months = $400).

As far as finding a job, you don't have to tell employers that you are epileptic and, if they ask about medical issues during your interview, you can sue their pants off. I know because my brother is also epileptic. So, being epileptic shouldn't keep you from getting ANY job. The biggest thing that will keep you from a job now is putting your name out there in the media that you tried to steal water from the water company. Hiring organizations frown on that kind of thing.

With the money you received from the various pawns, unemployment, food stamps, and help from various organizations, I'm surprised that you still chose to steal. You stated that you won't "take from the homeless", but you'll steal from an organization. Stealing is stealing, no matter who you steal from. You obviously haven't learned anything from this experience yet, or you wouldn't still be trying to justify tampering with the water meter. Until you can actually learn from this experience, I'm afraid history is doomed to repeat itself.


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