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I've been there

I've been there too, and guess what....I didn't steal. So my 5 year old didn't get to play in the tub. Big deal. He survived, he learned the value of a dollar, and I kept my morals. You can make all kinds of excuses for stealing, but that doesn't make it right; it's still stealing.

"I DID turn the shut-off valve on, but 1 time only, so we had water for a week at the most." You still don't get it. It's stealing. Whether it's 1 time or 20. It's stealing. Whether it's 1 week or 50 weeks. It's stealing. When you steal, you run up the rates for all of us, and you teach your 4 year old that it's OK.

What makes you so special that you deserve a weeks worth of FREE water? We ALL have burdens to bear. There are lots of elderly people living on fixed incomes that manage to get by without stealing. My health is rotten too, but I still work a full time job and never miss a day. My grown son just got laid off from his job because of the economy and business was slow, so now I'm supporting him until he can find another job. I cut back on other things to make ends meet, but I don't steal! It burns me up when people like you make excuses for trying to take the short (illegal) way out. You're just a thief, pure and simple. I hope they throw the book at you; you deserve it.


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