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Daniel Whitfield

Wow I just ran across this story as I am in search of a way to contact my local water company in Idaho in an emergency situation. I am extremely irrate, I have called a ton of times to make a payment over the phone and it is literally for a $28.00 bill, after leaving several messages and finally demanding that they call me back I have yet to recieve a callback so I can pay. They shut my water off yesterday and I am shooting through the roof with anger, for 28!! I called more than the usual yesterday of course as I wanted my water back on immediately. I call every month and make a payment, the idiots need to get an automated system obviously, I was paying online but they had issues with finding the payment as the system never updated, I would wait hours and sometimes days until they were able to locate it online to have my bill show paid in full. So the lazy A ladies tell me to call it in so we can ensure. Pffff, needless to say I just got out of the emergency room with my daughter....she is in need of water at this moment so I ran over to Walgreens and picked up a liter. Heres the issue-she has vomiting diarahea and wants to sit in a warm bath, I want to get her taken care of then have some water to clean up the mess but can't because these bs water companies are stingy lazy craps! Money money money but they cant get off there butts to collect it until they shut it off and charge you a 1000 fees then they want now now now, but what happened when we needed water now now now and to make a payment now now now! Im sorry Daniel, I feel your pain and sometimes making sure our kids have neccessities and to keep them alive deters decisions that hafta be made even though you may not want it. If they don't get my water on soon now that I gave in to there online system once again, I will not set another minute smelling puke and unable to use my water that I paid for, that wrench will come out my pocket and Ill take it to the box with the courts! This momma has had it, poor class like myself, STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, quit letting the big ones scare you! America start focusing on what needs to be done for our country so people do not act out to survive and stop paying the foreigns bills until we get us right! What a Joke! I do not see a recent post on Daniel, Does anyone have an update?


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