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"keep on keeping on" road to ruin

"We have to get a sense of certainty in the national and international financial markets. I pray that something is done on the debt this weekend before America suffers more."

Gov. you should worry about the State first, that's what you were hired to do. People gave control to the Republicans because your party has run this State into the dust.

On redistricting she said...
"I find the terms to be very very un-North Carolinian like and I'm hopeful that there could still be a change of mind among the Republican leaders and the General Assembly."

Of course, when the Dems had control since God made dirt, everything was fine. Un-North Carolinian like? To do the WILL of the people, Beverly, pull your head out of the sand and smell the coffee.

The Gov. has shown she is totally inept at solving North Carolina's problems. People don't have Jobs, savings, own homes, because of your party's giveaways, and drunken sailor spending.

Here's one thing about National & State markets that Beverly doesn't understand.

Send illegal aliens back to their homeland, and that produces more jobs for Americans, and reduces the unemployment rate, and brings untold millions of dollars in revenue to the State. But that would cost your party votes when all you have to do is show some Captain Crunch boxtops to vote in N.C.

"I pray that something is done on the debt this weekend before America suffers more."

North Carolina's unemployed are suffering now, and enough already. Grow a pair and show some leadership, instead of doing nothing.
But, doing nothing is what your best at.

"I wish", "I pray", oh me, oh my.

Don't forget to throw some chicken bones.


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