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Bad Place

This shelter is a joke! My friend had to go there with her 3 children and all they do is make rules and chores. They might take them to the court house if they are lucky, but the girl I know that is there doesnt even have clothes and she has been in there for 3 weeks and still doesnt have clothes! And how many thrift stores do they have???? THREE! Another one of the young girls that was there when she came there said that she had been there for two months and that they did NOTHING for her and she said she would take her little girl out on the streets before she would be a prisoner! I used to believe in these people and give to their shelter but all the people that run it do is sat on their buts and watch TV!! The state or somebody needs to check into this organization, my friends Mom has had to run back and forth to go get her daughter to take to store and she is disabled and now has no money for gas bc she has had to run from Wilmington to Shallotte back and forth!! This friend has three children that need medical visits bc they have been abused and they havent even had these children evluated, they had some lady come in and tell the girl how she needs to be organized!! Im really upset about the way this girl and her three young children have been treated!! PLEASE HELP


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