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Agreed definitely need to cut the subsidies

Not to mention burning corn for fuel raises the price of feed for animals and ironically it raises the price of corn tortillas which really upsets the illegals. But here's the other issue how about drilling and getting the oil we have here. There is 200 billion barrels in the ground in the US with the Bakken oil shale in the north central US as well as the oil sands out west. Also somebody needs to explain to me why Obama killed the pipeline deal we had with Canada to be able to import and buy from them more so and less from the middle east . Oh and if we got the oil shale we could be EXPORTiNG to others like china and even EUrope instead of them having to buy from Russia but I guess we wouldn't want to damage our relationship of kissing the Russians butt since Obama took over. The guy sold out eastern Europe while trying to build a missle shield to stop rogue middle eastern attacks but the Russians cry foul and we give in. Enough is enough quit selling our sovereignty to the middle east and Russia and when we could seriously cut the trade deficit with China instead we end up more a more in debt to them. I'm disgusted!!!


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