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Poor you

Cry me a river! All you whiners complaining about the ways this is being handled. Grow up. If you choose to speed and get caught, tough! Speed limits are set for a reason and are not there to suggest what you should be doing - they are telling you what you should be doing. And for the one complaining about the slow drivers, so what? As long as they are not creating a hazard, other than being in your way, leave them alone. Just because YOU think you are so important and that the destination YOU are trying to get to is that important, doesn't make it so! Leave home a little earlier and hopefully none of us will be in your way.

As far as what the officers are doing, good for you!!!!!!! I don't live in Wilmington and only go there maybe 6 or 7 times a year - only when I have to, but I see enough stupid driving to last me a year. I can't believe how many I have seen run red lights or speed right by - slow down and enjoy life a bit. The next life you may save might be yours or mine!


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