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Those who get ticketed frequently - what kind of lunatic driving

do you practice? Did you take driver's education under retired Kamikaze pilots who never had the guts to take the plunge? How do you even get pulled over while driving in a city with high traffic and tons of stop lights? There isn't time or room to do much to catch the eye of a gung ho police officer. I wear my seat belt but by no means drive below the speed limit and have never had a ticket in over 20 years of driving. I'm not a perfect driver but seem to avoid meeting police officers in an official capacity. Those of you who are the frequent recipients of policing services, you aren't the victims of gestapo police or any conspiracy, you're just self-absorbed bad drivers. WPD needs to crack down and crack down hard.

Driving in Wilmington was a pleasure in the 80s but increasingly became a contact sport during the 90s. By the 2000s, I hated being the first car at a stop light as the narcissist behind me would lay on his/her horn the instant the light turned green - seemingly hoping to be broadsided by his/her fellow narcissists who would be guaranteed to run the now red lights on my left and right. Most of these ego-maniacal dangers to society are in a hurry to get nowhere. Next time you see an aggressive driver, observe carefully where they're headed. If they pull into the NHC Medical Center ER entrance, well, give 'em the benefit of the doubt. But it'll usually be a bowling alley or sports bar - really urgent stuff like that. Burn 'em up WPD.


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