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Cell phones

While it is true that the use of cell phones on the road are distracting, so is a seat belt constantly rubbing across your chest, a radio turned on, other people in the car, a dirty windshield, traffic on the road, advertisements and bill boards, the thousands of signs all over the place and so on. People have lost focus, we must be held accountable and responsible for what we do! What I mean by this is that we cannot be held responsible for what we have not done yet! While it is true that a cell phones could be dangerous while driving, we must not make new laws making free people responsible for what "might" happen. If we keep making laws to protect us, we soon have no rights at all. "People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither" Ben Franklin. So should the cops stop us for dirty windows? Should cops stop you if they see passengers talking to you while your driving? Should cops stop you for reading stop signs or bumper stickers while driving? If you use logic you will see that the only time that law can come into place is if you have already caused harm to someone or damage. We know in reality that is not the case with all the victimless crimes that are enforced but that is a topic for another discussion. We need to stop asking our government to make rules for us when we know all to well that it will only be used against us to take our money or freedoms and all because of what some feel that a few might do. If someone gets into an accident then charge them with the accident, not for what MIGHT cause an accident! Now if your going to complain about distractions, lets talk about the use of computers while driving. In the past week I drove around and saw our public servants driving police cars swerving all over the road while they were using laptops and typing in plates to check for infractions in the attempt to generate money for our local government while they are driving. While it is true, I have not heard of a cop reading the computer and causing an accident, not to say it has not happen, but it could right? Again, lets stick to what is and not what might!


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