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Ok so wway you have reached a new low. I mean really, first posting about the local "celebrity" crackhead teen piece of work for a mother. And to make it worse, you update us on her pathetic life every time she farts the wrong way. Now you are attacking this girl because she has a past. The girl was in college!! Hello, unless all of the journalists at wway, wect and star news were all recruited from amish country, EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ALSO HAVE A PAST! I'm sure all of you went to college of some sort for journalism, and I'm sure that there are pictures of some of our local reporters and media staff floating around that could make things really interesting. Everyone wants to look at this girl like she did something wrong by going to college and being young. Anyone who is attacking her better be a saint, and I mean never drank a beer, never smoked a cigarette, or never been to a bar/party/any social gathering with adults, because if you can't say you did NONE of those things, then you are a hypocrite. Furthermore, SO WHAT IF SHE WAS KISSING ANOTHER GIRL, that's her business, not yours or anyone elses to critique. If i remember correctly we had a president who had an affair WHILE IN OFFICE with his intern, it became public, HE LIED ABOUT IT, and yet people still looked up to him as a political official, they respected his decisions. I mean come on people, why must you make every public officials private life your business. We all have a past, you need to look at the present and what she is pushing for in the future, not what she did when she was in college. This girl could really clean up the mess that the local and possibly global politics have turned in to. I would vote for her, SHE LIVED HER LIFE, SHE KNOWS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT, Its prude people like the ones who seek out these stories that need to crawl back under the rock they have lived under their entire lives and leave the rest of society alone. Who needs a trash mag when you have WWAY, they report on everything that doesn't matter.


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