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Yes, let's return to the Nineteenth Century

Anyone who has read "The First Tycoon" by T.J. Stiles knows of the incredible harm done to the East coast riverine and intracoastal shipping industry by the assignments of exclusive monopolies two hundred years ago.

Bruce Shell obviously has no historical perspective on the danger of such monopolies. They completely eliminate competition and competitive pricing, allow the flagrant abuse of customers by their mandated service provider, and open the door to corruption within government as companies jockey to win that monopoly. (Trust me, the last thing THIS county needs is yet another appearance of impropriety.)

On the most basic of levels, they deny the customer a choice. You no longer have the freedom to choose your own trash hauler. Tyrannical government bureaucrats know what is best for you; you don't.

If you'd like some perspective on exclusive monopolies, try to remember AT&T pre-1984....what it cost to call your sister in you could only connect THEIR equipment that they rented to you.....and how, even if you lived in an old neighborhood with old, noisy, weak telephone lines, you HAD to use their service. There simply was no other option.

Mister Shell, I sincerely believe that in addition to having no historical knowledge and no respect for the free enterprise system whatsoever, you are confused on the role of government and have little grasp on the reality of trash collection in the county as it presently exists. I know of no one who has a problem with the "level of service" regarding trash collection....

...but there's nothing like creating a problem where none exists, eh?


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