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William Friday just made a statement on a local news channel that was rigth on. It's time to cut salaries, cut jobs, and bring down the so called prestige of sports on campuses statewide. Too much money paid and too much freedom for the athletes.
How many of the athletes graduate with more than a 2.0 GPA? Time to open the box on that one and expose it for what it really is. Having recently worked for a University in NC, it was widely known on the campus the atheletes were allowed to play with less than average grade point standings. Used to be they got kicked off or suspended for this but not now. Seems as though the mighty universities in this state would rather cater to those who wanted more sports than academics. What a sad state we have come to for this.
The latest lawsuit from the suspended player was just a small example of what actually goes on. The player only wanted back so some pro scout could see him and maybe recruit him. He never once said in all the news shows that he was sorry and made a serious mistake and wanted to make it right. Sad example


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