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Its not about whether I

Its not about whether I think she will change her mind or not; its about not being ANY of my or YOUR business. It is her business. She has the right to an abortion and no one should have the right to have her wait.

Do we have too many abortions running around on the streets or do we have too many children who cannot be cared for because their parents weren't ready or many other issues such as rape, disease etc?
It’s about respecting the decision and not forcing morality on anyone. Maybe we should start giving 24 waiting periods before people order a Pizza or maybe 24 hour waiting periods before we decide to have surgery.
Conservative bullsh**.

Should we give 24 hours "warining" for the morning after pill too? Or maybe a 24 hour warning before we sell condoms?
You want less government interaction but more restrictions on abortion? That is a complete contradiction. Not one single social conservative has yet to address that issue. Maybe you can discuss it at your next tea party!

Ooops? Less handouts? But what if she can't pay for that damn ultrasound the law dictates!? Then what? We [Taxpayers] just paid so little Mary got a bedside chat from Dr. Morality because someone decided to carry their bible to the next state session.

North Carolina will continue to live with backwards policies if this bible belt isn't stopped from entering into our government.


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