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Sad, sad, sad!!!

It is crazy how everyone wants this to be a republican/democrat issue. To most of us it is a moral issue. Take a look around at todays society. You argue that it is cheaper to abort than for the government to help raise the child. What ever happened to being responsible for your actions. You argue that it is a womans body and she should chose... well then why isn't prostitution legal??? Why isn't being a drug addict legal? It is HER body and she should be able to do as she wishes with it.

Come on people! Where are your morals? That is right, I forgot you have none. Maybe that is why your children are out running the streets, probably getting knocked up right about now. Most likely you or someone close to you has had an abortion and that is why you feel as you do. You make it sound as if only low income poverished people have abortions! I would think it more is more likely the middle to upper class. They are usually the ones who would abort their inconvenience.

Anyone who doesn't realize that a beating heart is an alive creature needs some help. Everybody really needs to quit looking at this a monetary problem (which it is) and remember good values. You don't want children... great, be abstinant or at least protect yourselves!!!


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