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You kind of prove my point..."if you are stupid enough to hit a pregnant woman and hurt the fetus then you would be charged for that and thrown in jail" IF it is a fetus and disposable...WHY would I be thrown in jail for hurting trash?

You see...I made a VERY good example of where we are on this issue...if you WANT the baby at 5 months...its VERY different than if you DON'T want the baby at 5 months...WHY? It either IS or ISN'T a child...get off the fence! In my opinion...its murder...PERIOD. NOW..just to show you I'm not a hypocrite about it...if my wife was raped or the doctor said she would absolutely die if she carried the baby...I as a husband would be probably be very selfish and while the decision is something that would haunt me...would want her to have an abortion..HOWEVER, having an abortion just because...isn't good enough in my book.

For the record...I DON'T hit father would jump out of his wheelchair and beat my rear end if I ever did.


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