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i think women should keep there legs closed and they wouldnt have any of this to worry about! use protection! i am against abortion i think if a women was to get pregnant on the pill or with other forms of protection the child is ment to be on here! no child is a unwanted! God loves all of them and all have a place! there have been MANY successful people in the world who was given up for adoption, and in foster homes! and yeah we do have welfare to help the unprepared mothers, and fathers. but i would rather it go to an unprepared mother then to a alcoholic or addict who has kids just to be able to not work.... and take advantage of the system! thats a shame not the women who didnt mean to get pregnant! but i support the 24hr and the ultrasound!

SOrry if you disagree but this is just my opinion! and i do Believe in God and i am sorry for the ones who thing were "religious clowns" i just pray one day you see other wise and find God! :)


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