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Uhmmm...Stupidity Flies in the Face. Why do I expect more?

Ok, at first I thought I was confused about a car tax. That could not POSSIBLY be what is being recommended.

The ONLY way I would ever consider supporting WAVE with tax dollars is if services were AVAILABLE 24/7 throughout the region. It is not. I would like to park my car and take Mass Transit. But you don't service my work hours nor my community but once an hour and that stops at 9:30pm, and doesn't run on weekends.

Why should I pay for the lack of foresight in recognizing a population explosion would require better services?

Oh my! We have a city-wide trail! No we don't. It serves the prominent tax base in Wilmington. Think about the trail and it's location. Don't tell me it benefits everyone. I still can't get on it and bike to work.

Look at who gets the big dollar road improvements. When was the last time your street has been repaved? How long has it been since you asked for speed bumps? When was the last time you were able to get your neighborhood closed off to through traffic or make it difficult to use as a short cut?

My neighbors and others in Wrightsboro paid taxes to have county water brought in as early as the 1980's. most of us are still on well water and septic. Why? Because we don't provide enough TAX base? Is there no incentive?

Explain to me in the time that we live in why Northern New Hanover County residents, with exception of those in large subdivisions, are still on septic and well? Yet you can spend millions on parks, and other non-essential services.

I am for improving parks and providing recreational access to waterways. I use them as much as I can.

But what about our health? Is that asking too much?

Oh that WOULD be expecting too much. I forgot about you asking our input in regards to Titan. Are you going to provide us with alternative water sources if Titan does ruin our water supply and taints the aquifers (which many of us get our water from) with cancer causing agents? Are you waiting for a disaster? Then you hope to stick us with the improvement bill?

You don't serve my community needs without being selective. You choose when it benefits you, Mr. and Ms. County Commissioner and you have done it for years.

So take a bus ride to the beach on your own dime. Not mine.


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