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Mom must be so proud of her lovely daughter~

What a chip off the old block, SCUM of the EARTH...

No morals, no ethics, no values, no FATHER figure... once again.

...and the beat goes on...

"Children learn what they live."

Erica Kanes Mother: YOU have influenced your offspring Erica and have TAUGHT your offspring how to be the careless individual who mowed down a completely innocent pedestrian in a well-lighted area and then avoid taking responsibility for her actions. I WANT TO KNOW THE STORY. WWAY NEEDS TO DIG REAL DEEP AND TELL THE STORY OF YOUR CRIMES.


Most parents teach their children that it is INAPPROPRIATE to Mow down another HUMAN BEING and leave them for DEAD and then CONSPIRE to COVER it up by HIDING the Repairs of the Vehicle.

We should condone hangings and firing squads, in a RARE CASE like this one.
WWAY, have the COURAGE to allow this post, my reference to hanging is not racially driven, it is morally driven. This woman and her daughter deserve more than wrath of the citizenry, they need to be shot and dumped in the cesspole that they must have crawled out from.

I think Vigilanteism is a Good Thing and I am allowed to PRAY for JUSTICE to be served.

Khan Family Members: Please forgive these dull and ignorant people, they KNOW no better than to continuously break the law, and JUSTIFY their actions because they have no ethics, morals, values or religion in their world. They surely are the SCUM OF THE EARTH. And they have taught me how to feel a new type of hatred that I did not think possible.


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