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A Shelter for men REALLY?

There are men in relationships with abusive women who are have no savings, are unemployed and/or are living on social security disability who need emergency shelter in order to escape abusive partners.
Put yourself in the shoe's of a man who is unemployed/living on disability, has a couple of children and an alcoholic wife who uses household objects (including knives and scissors)as weapons when she gets in a rage. Also consider that you have told no one about her verbal and physical attacks because you are a guy...according to male stereotyping you should be able to "handle your woman" and who would believe you? However, you were brought up to protect women and never hit a girl/woman.
Then when you finally get the guts to call the local domestic violence shelter program (even though the name of the program is, "Battered Women's Safe Haven) to seek some guidance the person on the other end of the phone gives you the number to a local batterer's/anger mgt program (for you because you are a man so you must be the abuser) or she tells you, "we don't help men," and hangs up.
YES shelter for men REALLY. Jan Elizabeth Brown, Founder and Director, Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women,


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