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Yes a shelter for men....REALLY

My brother, attacked by his alcoholic wife for years, the children would dial 911 for him, the 16 and 17 year old sons told the officers their father never touched their mother, but she had stabbed him and hit him over the head with a iron skillet. My brother was taken to jail, not the wife. The local yocals in Brunswick County told the children women did not abuse men. Many times EMT went to the house, my brother was the only one with injuries due to her stabbing him in his sleep. Unfortunately for his family, my brother's pride kept him from filing complaints, his pride kept him from asking for help. His pride made him ask his children to keep their secret. His children kept the secret until 2008 when they moved here to Wilmington, one night they couldn't stop the bleeding due to so many stab wounds,the EMTs were called and he was taken to NHRMC. Fortunately for him that was the last time he was abused...he never came to to tell the law officials his wife attacked him and again local yocals did not believe the children. SO YES REALLY MEN DO GET ABUSED. I APPLAUD THIS GENTLEMAN FOR HAVING THE GUTS TO COME FORWARD. HE KNEW HE WOULD HAVE TO FACE PEOPLE LIKE YOU...REALLY.


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