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About time

Birth control pills are about $20-30 or more a month. That means at least $240 a year.

BC pills are not just for the obvious - pregnancy prevention. They are also used for those women who suffer from hormonal imbalances, painful periods, abnormal blood loss, even acne caused by hormonal imbalances. In other words, BC pills treat as well as prevent.

Most insurance plans cover Viagra and like medicines that are for men with erectile disfunction. It's about time that BC pills be covered and, yes, they should be available at no cost.

To those who think this is unbearable and will raise health insurance premiums... bollocks. Plenty of insurance plans didn't even cover them and those that did/do still require to pay a substantial co-pay.

Then, I ask... weigh the cost of offering BC pills versus the cost of raising a child or having to have a hysterectomy or suffering debilitating monthly periods or worse.

But I guess we still live in a society where women's issues are not that important... at least not as important as Viagra. Men, grow up.


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