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raising a child

First of all the mother and father raised the child with manners,respect and decipline but unfortunatly when a child get up doesnt mean that they will go the route you want them to go see if you are a child of god you will understand that we all are human and humans tend to make mistakes and do certain things that shouldnt be done regaurdless if the parent did there part or not and one thing I no he wasnt raised or his other siblings wasnt raised to be in gangs peer pressure has a lot to do with whats going on in teens minds today and it trips me out when people judge someone knowing that they are not GOD so who are you to open your mouth and speak about anything I serve one man and its not you so think before you speak cause if you have any kids you probably raised them one way but who's to say they wont get up and do drugs,prostitute,rob or still so think before you speak.


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