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Have you lost all your common sense?

If you think for one second, the passing of this bill is one sided and to blame on Democrats you are SADLY mistaken. This is a time to look at all of the liars and cheaters. I mean all of them, from the President to Speaker BONER. They all screwed up here. They all agreed to spend more of our money no matter which way you look at it. They failed us, collectively, as a country. I am really a person with democratic beliefs and more of a realist. However, ALL of our politicians have failed us before and specifically yesterday.

Republicans cry spending then scream when we speak about cutting military spending? Are we at war with everyone? Give me a break. Cut the BS, bring them home and focus on protecting these shores. When you have your budget balanced, you can go meddle over in the other sandboxes. Until then, we need to focus on AMERICA!

Democrats have the audacity to say "give us more" unemployement insurance and don't touch welfare and cringe to even SPEAK about asking for more money. WRONG WRONG WRONG. If you want me to stick with any party, it will be the one who starts to really CHANGE and not just talk about it. Cut CUT CUT and more cuts. Cut until its back to a point where people will want to be a part of it. I don't think anyone in Washington is doing their job, not a single one. They have only done one thing in my opinion. They have dawned a red jersey and a blue jersey. They have drawn the line in the sand. They could care less about helping the country and more about proving who is right. They have made a joke out of what used to be a highly regarding position, Senator & State Representative.

No more entitlements; No more lobbying; No more government organizations. RUN the Government like it was designed as a SERVICE BUSINESS, not like an endless feeder bar for every pathetic sole out there and quit trying to convince me endless military spending is necessary. Quit wasiting my money battling abortion and quit telling me that Affirmative action will actually help minorities.

I'm sick of the political ping pong. I can say for the first time in my life I am entirely neutral. Neutral in the sense I am fed up with both sides equally; the issues don't matter to me anymore because they lost sight with what they claim to represent - the American PEOPLE.

NO MORE DAMN HANDOUTS AND NO MORE BAILOUTS. If you can't swim, you sink. No more tanks, air planes, nothing. No more public entitlements and backroom politics. Transparency, less taxes, no more divisions that cant even prove their benefit and finally - NO MORE BULLSH**!


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