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Touche' my friend. Your actually quite right, I completely identify myself as a Libertarian, however I have yet had the chance to vote for one. Show me a politician running for office who believes in sound fiscal policy, reduced spending, reduced taxes AND who believes that the government has no place in legislating what people do in their bedroom or how they live their lives...I would not only vote I would campaign for them. Alas there has yet to be such a least not in the federal level.

So in the end, while I may not agree with the economic side of the Democratic party, I simply can't vote for Republicans who would strip me of my civil rights and who knows what else. Many of whom are even down right violent about it. Evangelical Republicans will never get my vote because of this. I think it's the most laughable hypocrisy there is in politics that republicans want to tell you they believe in less long as it suits them. Telling me who I can and can't marry isn't less's more!


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