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I added the last lines

as the SAME EXACT sort of shock value that the DEMS do ALL the time in liberal media against the Tea Party, the Republicans and any intelligent female who is not Democratic.

In reality, I have heard those last few lines many, many, many times over. Truth does not make me racist, it makes me POLITICALLY INCORRECT,which is a BIG CROCK. In a Socialist Country, I could be in trouble for utilizing my LOST Constitutional Right of FREE SPEECH, but we are in AMERICA, so while I am at it, WilmingtonMaj' is an imbicile who would never even remotely attempt to see an opposing viewpoint.

Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone? I hear those last few lines that I wrote every day. See, everyone who has MANAGED numerous entitlement "programs" and wrangled them diligently over the years, you know, $$$ (CHECKS) (YOUR TAX DOLLARS), (OUR cold hard cash that we earned thru TOIL, hard work, perserverence)....coming their way wants to keep them coming. Obama, Baby, THAT is the Ticket to more freebies for the next several years.

The only thing is.... There are not TOO many Bumper stickers, now are there?


I saw lies about the "other side" on ALL of the Liberal channels tonight that touted the Republicans as "taking ALL of the benefits that we Americans have worked so hard for away, but the Democrats saved the day..."
I have always listened to ALL sides and I stick with the TRUTH and the Intelligent every time, and make no apologies.

I especially love former Democrats who stopped smoking the weed and WISED UP. They really have made a remarkable recovery for themselves.

May You Get Well Soon too!


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