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Very Nicely Put....

These words, so eloquently spoken reflect the exact sentiments of just about everyone that I know.

I just wish there was a Candidate who LIVED it once they take their seat in the White House or the legislative branches in Washington.

I also was merely responding to the blog who posted that they are going to vote Democratic because the others had thrown Mama off the cliff and didn't care about hungry and hurting and loathesome people.

I was trying to implore this blogger not to be so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE.
Only one thing that you forgot in your post... "NO MORE SOCIALISM IN AMERICA, Let's take OUR Country Back!

If Speaker "Boner" read your post, he would break down and Cry you a River of tears.... goofball that he is, geez!

Great Post tho! The best I've seen. Consider Running for office? I would actually give you an extra stipend of $700.00 to go to Washington, DC. Padgett, NO WAY; Challenge the world, OKAY!!!


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