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No matter which way you look at it, the country failed

You can say we dodged a bullet today, but we certainly haven't ended the gun fight yet. Not even close. Yesterday was just another band aid on the hoover dam of spending. Its flowing out so quickly they have to actually ask for more debt?!?!

We need to trim things and drastically. We are being laughed at globally for our reliability and stability of our own economy. At a time where it really would be great to boost American reliability, we have just pushed it farther in to the deepest red loss possible.

Close the post office and sell it to UPS and FedEX. Start to take a cold hard look at redundancies, such as regulatory divisions that overlap so many times it will make your head spin. Creating government jobs is not the answer to any job crisis and for certain raising taxes isn't either. To say the government needs more revenue only laughs at the entire situation. The government needs to be smaller, more efficent and less involved. It should run like a well oiled chain but I have fears it never will. When Apple computer has more cash then the US government start asking those type of people how to run an organization. Clearly, we have failed collectively as a nation. We have proved that our government is the worst at managing anything. Never can I remember a time more when I wish I lived elsewhere. Even places like Canada are surpassing us in Economic stability.

The guys in Washington can't agree on anything - any of them for any reason. Oh wait, there is one thing they can agree on...they want continue to be paid. They want to continue to be voted into office, they want to continue to make poor decisions and have no reprocussions. Yesterday was not even bitter sweet; though in some sick way I wanted to see the resolution pass, I also realized maybe it will take something drastic for things to change. I thought our past years of 2008 & 2009 would be reason enough to start fresh. I don't blame just the Democrats, or just the Republicans or even the independents. I now equally blame them all. I tend to be more moderately liberal but I'm starting to realize, forget the labels, I'm just pissed.

We need to flush it all out and start with a new cast of leaders in government. "Career Politicans" are a FAIL. "Lobbyists" are a FAIL. "Entitlements" are a FAIL. All of these things that created a lifecycle around tax dollars are a FAIL. I feel for the divisions and hard working government entities and would be sad if anyone lost their job, however, perpetuating the cycle just to keep someone there is not helping the greater good of the American Society. We must do away with all of the BS and start to realize that our so called leaders are doing the absolute opposite of leading. They put in the long hours only when an imminent crisis is pending. They should be putting those long hours in all of the time; for those are the people who should ultimately care about everyone.

I do not want them to speak and preface with "The American People..." because they aren't part of the American People. They are a part of the American Government and it is a failure at the moment.

We finally need a change to happen a change where we can be proud again to live in America. I travel internationally monthly. I have witnessed first hand the stereotypes of Americans. Its not favoring in any light; this wasn't always the case.


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