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to borrow the phrase from that old Wendy's commercial "Where's the Beef?"

By her own admission,“Now, can I say that we have this number of dollars that came back? No. But, Wilmington was recognized in participating and recognized in being interested.”

Is she that stupid or is it ego when she does not listen to her constituents?

Can she name one item, which has benefited the taxpayers and citizens of Wilmington? Just one -- name one positive aspect of all this travel which has benefitted Wilmington. That's a no brainer.

How in the world did Wilmington benefit from her trips to California, Texas, Washington, and Colorado?

What national committees does she sit on that can have a positive impact on Wilmington?

Really, name just one benefit Wilmington has received from all of her national activities. I guess one benefit is Wilmington has been recognized as a city which allows unfettered travel by a City Councilwoman at a time when budgets are being cut.

Can she point to one trade show which will be signing on with the Convention Center as a driect result of her travel?

In business, one is constantly reviewing the cost benefit relationship of any expense incurred. In her case, these are discretionary trips which she has failed to show have specific, relevant impact on the citizens whom she was elected to serve.

What does she not understand about that?

Scott -- here's your chance. Have a hard hitting reporter ask her for specifics as she leaves a Council meeting; and do it soon.

Voters, if you re-elect her, you have only yourselves to blame.


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