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Barfield's Golf and Catlin's Private Jet...Our Tax Dollars!!!

Laura P. is frugal compared to a couple of our county commissioners...namely Barfield who never met a trip to a 5-star "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" Resort he wouldn't spend our money expenses, clubs, naked lady tees and all.

Rick Catlin and his buddy Barfield racked up how much just on airfare to jetset to Washington DC? They stayed in a rather pricey hotel too, when they could have stayed anywhere. How many stars? Was the holiday inn sold out?

Was that before or after Barfield went to the west coast for his summer taxpayer-funded vacation?

Kristi Campos, Jason Thompson and Brian Berger are much more fiscally conservative. At least when it comes to travel on taxpayer dime. I recall Campos paid for her date's meal when the Wilmington Council and their wives bought the lobster and filet mignon with chocalate desserts on us taxpayers. Thompson I dont recall ever being a big spender on trips or he keeps it well hidden. Berger has paid for his own gas and meals, at least some, saved us thousands by not taking that west coast trip like he could have, and he deserves credit...something your agenda at wway prevents...reporters can lie but receipts don' lets recognize these three responsible travelers. WWAY...stop letting your opinions pass for news...your liberals can work for you and fit right in there when we toss them out of office. Starting with Saffo and Co.


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